Automatic Encrusting Machine Encrusting Forming Machine

product description

Automatic Encrusting Machine stuffs the filling into ball shape or rod-shaped food product. The operation is simple and maintains reliable and hygienic production. The plastic hopper is formed at one time; it leaves no residue to cause food pollution. It is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.Various shapes of product can be made by changing the molds. The contact surface between the blades is a single line, and each blade includes spring with fixed screws to reduce friction and extend machine durability. It is suitable for producing all kinds of baking, package and fish paste foods, like pineapple cake, moon cake, handmade biscuits, savory/sweet rice balls, sesame balls, and fish balls.

Mechanical specifications:

Mechanical model:FX-178

Product weight:10-250g

Production speed:20-100/min

Machine dimensions:1780*860*1700mm

Mechanical weight:260kg

Machine power:1500w

General Electric:220 V


is suitable for producing all kinds of bakery products and frozen foods, such as pastry, mochi, biscuit and cookie, sticky rice ball, fish ball, sesame ball, etc.



一、304 Stainless steel

1、Adopt 304 stainless steel,in line with the International food safety standards.

2、Long service life

3、Easy to clean

二、PLC Intelligent Touch Screen

1、99 kind of product memory function

2、so easy to understand and operate

3、count production capacity and facilitate production management

三、Six Pieces Suspended Cutter and Cutter Head

1、reduce the friction area between cutters,high-frequency closure,easy to dissipate heat

2、more wear-resistant and the service life can be extended

四、Top Structure

1、Small and flexible,can be moved easily

2、Covers a small area,space saving

3、Suitable for a varity of places


1、Made of 304 stainless steel

2、Feeding stable pressure wheel,to prevent the weight instability caused by the backflow resistance when conveying raw materials

六、Intensive Design Style

1、The layout and packing of internal parts are tight

2、Coolingfans inside,which can effectively protect the service life of electrical appliances

3、The equipment occupies a small space and has an exquisite structure

七、Safety Pin production Device

If the customer accidentally drops hard objects into the raw materials,the screw is very easy to get stuck when working,resulting in a large area of parts damage.The design of safety pin can fully protect the screw,so as to protect all parts from damage under abnormal conditions

Ater-sale Service:

1. Free assembling and installation, free operation and training. 2. 12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life service. 3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty, all charges with cost price. 4. Support 24hours hot line service, as well as email and video communcation. 5. Engineering is always for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

Factoty Feature:

1.over 16 years’ design and industry experience.

2.Over 90% of our machine are exported.

3.More than 16 years’ experience in food machine.


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